About Sidharta Auctioneer

Sidharta Auctioneer is an auctioneer of fine art and collectibles based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has pioneered auctions of affordable art, contemporary art, emerging artists and vintage collectibles.

  1. Hello, I have 2 paintings (28x28cm) by Godod Soeteju dated 1987 which I am interested in having valued with a view for possible sale. I welcome any advice that you may provide.

    I look forward to receiving your expert opinion.

    Best Regards
    Garry Quick

  2. Edward Zevenbergen

    Hello Garry,

    Today I was pulling old stuff out of our Library. I found this small painting of Godod Soeteju. I bought it on Bali in the year 1992. It’s the same size a your paintings.
    I was curious if I could find anything about this painter. The only thing I found was your message/question.
    Did you have any respond? And do you know anything about this painter?

    Looking forward to a respond

    Kind regards
    Edward Zevenbergen (NL)

  3. Dear Mr. Zevenbergen,
    You may request artist’s bio by sending an inquiry to info@sidharta.co
    Godod Sutedjo is an artist who lives in Yogyakarta and paints small sized paintings, pastels in palette, and usually intricately detailed. It is related to the patterning that is used in Javanese crafts, and usually placed in the category of Decorativist paintings.

    His paintings have a market, but the prices are usually on the low side, perhaps around USD 100-150 per painting

    I hope that this helps.

    All the best,

    Amir Sidharta

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