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Fine Art Auction 29 May 2011

Last February we had a great success in auctioning the Javanese Antique Furniture and Folk Art from the collection of David B. Smith in Ubud, Bali. We found new homes for many pieces in the prominent collection and we wish that the new owners are happy with the pieces they purchased. What we do is to find new collectors for collections, and for our Fine Art Auction, we have some interesting collections to offer.

We are proud to be able to feature collection of the an art critic, writer and “chronicler” of Indonesian art, the late Mamannoor, in our collection ( lots #024-052), and at the same time document the tokens of appreciation and friendship from fellow artists and  colleagues to his hard work and keen attention and dedication to Indonesian art. Indonesian art critic and friend of Mamannoor, Suwarno Wisetrotomo wrote a beautiful introduction to the collection emphasizing the value of friendship.

The works of members of the Affandi family from a collection of a close member of the Affandi family (lots #… – …) comprise the second major collection in this auction. The pieces consist of several of Affandi’s original drawings and sketches, as well as various pieces related to his process of printmaking, and the etchings and lithographs that he produced. Some amazing paintings and artworks by Maryati, the maestro’s wife, who accompanied and painted along with Affandi during his travels in Europe in the 1970s, are also featured. Some of the best paintings by Affandi’s daughter and former son-in-law Sapto Hoedoyo complete the collection.

Alongside other Indonesian artists, Indonesian artists of Chinese descent have also shaped the development of Modern Indonesian art, since its early beginnings in the 1930s. A selection of the works of the most prominent artists, including Siauw Tik Kwie, Lim Kwie Bing, and Liem Tjoe Ing have come from another collection.

Dede Eri Supria, "Tukang Daging" 1981

Dede Eri Supria, "Tukang Daging" 1981

Many of the artworks that are available on the Indonesian art market in recent times have appeared and reappeared (some time over and over again) in the market, bought and sold at unstable prices. By contrast, the “cover” piece of this auction, Dede Eri Supria’s Tukang Daging, has been dearly kept in the personal collection of a gentleman since the early 1980s. It is clearly one of Dede Eri Supria’s most important works, both in terms of meaning and technique. It was done during his formative period, when he as an artist was at his very best. It clearly deserves a new home where it can be appreciated as dearly as it has been for almost 30 years, until today.

Many other art works in the auction have come from various other collections, while others have been selected from galleries, dealers and agents. Among the most interesting pieces are those with historical as well as artistic value: an Agus Djaya from 1948, a painting of a woman by Trubus Soedarsono dating from 1954, and a depiction of a market scene by Mochtar Apin dating from 1956.

We hope to find each art work in the auction a new home, as that is our role in society. Perhaps you may find in this auction some art pieces that connect with you in one way or another. Once the pieces have found a new home and appreciated in your heart and home, hopefully they can also offer a new meaning in your life.

Once the e-catalog is ready for viewing, we will post it on

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